BusyBook - Are you ready to answer your phone?

Share your status if you're available... or too busy to pick up.

  • Free to talk and answer phone calls now?

    Switch to the GREEN icon in the Settings menu
    to say “I'm free to answer a call and talk.”

  • Busy in a meeting or otherwise

    …and you can’t (or you don't want to) answer right now?
    Switch to the RED icon, meaning “Do not disturb me.”

  • And if you don’t know, or you‘re just away?

    Simply switch to YELLOW, all with a single tap.


BusyBook is a free phone call/contact list app designed for frequent, everyday phone users who appreciate every single minute saved during their busy day. This app is in beta testing to verify the feasibility of the system and our U.S. Patent No. 8,849,264 entitled Computer program, method, and system for sharing information about a time availability of a telephone user.

With just a single tap on the display screen in Settings - or by switching the ringer/mute button on your iPhone ON and OFF while in the Settings menu of your BusyBook app - you can signal and share your status and availability to answer or refuse phone calls from other BusyBook users.

You can dial and call any number through the dial pad interface on your iPhone. If you like, you can also use the app Settings menu to choose from a selection of free dial pad designs for use on your iPhone.

You can also set your BusyBook status on your iPad: select the contact you wish to call and place the call using FaceTime or Skype. Dialing phone numbers on iPads is not supported in the current version (4.0).

What else can you do with BusyBook?

- Enter text in your status message to say what you’re feeling or doing right now, so people can read your "quote". They’ll be able to tell whether or not they can call you and will see this status message/comment under your name in their BusyBook contact list if they use the app.

- Invite other friends and colleagues to use BusyBook for free on iPhones and Androids by sending them a short invitation. You will find the invite button next to each entry in your contacts list.

- Personalize your iPhone even more by downloading different dial pad skins to reflect your mood and individual personality.

- Add your friends and other frequently called numbers into the Favorites group to access their contacts and call them quickly.

- In addition to the status-sharing functionality, you can directly access your friends from your contact list via Skype (this requires that you enter your contact's Skype nickname in their contact detail) or via FaceTime. Both open automatically and operate outside the BusyBook app.

How to set up your Status:

- go to the Settings button of the app and select the Status you wish to share by tapping the display or muting the ringer button on the side of your iPhone.

How it works

We respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your contacts, and your contact list is NOT shared with anyone else - it is stored only on your iPhone. Instead, you only signal and share your status and availability for a call with other users of the BusyBook app, via Cloud servers.

The more of your friends and business partners have, share, and use the BusyBook app, the more effective you will be at making phone calls and scheduling times to talk.

Please note: if you turn your status to the Busy icon, people can still make phone calls to you at any time. But if they use BusyBook, they should be able to see and respect your status when set on Busy/Do not disturb, and will therefore call you later when you signal you're free to answer. Calls made through the BusyBook app are charged by your carrier according to your rate plan and service charges. This app is not for emergency calling and doesn't provide free calls. BusyBook runs on iPhones 6+, 6, 5S, 5C, 4S, 4, iPads, and all Android devices.

Thank you for downloading and using BusyBook!

Questions? Comments? Please contact REBSTÖCK CONSULTING at info@rebstock.cz

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